by Two Crosses

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Fuck Dirty Crowe
Fuck Bolton


released April 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Two Crosses Kitchener, Ontario

kw anxiety-core

two crosses is justin, peter, mk, and zoq


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Track Name: Alleviation
why can't you stop this vicious circle
i've tried to reach out
i need you to help me
help you figure it out
maybe you just need something
to get out of your way
“i was just so young”
doesn't mean a thing

but like a senseless poem
with empty verses,
like perfect cursive
my words are worthless
still it went
she spent that night
wrapping thin red thread
around her thighs

out of her ankles
grow little roses
forming rows
though no one knows it
those little flowers
are like distant stars
very small,
very large
i’m covered in bruises
you’re covered in scars
Track Name: Erie, Pennsylvania
i feel the heat; it's closing in
i sense the smell of sugar beets
these are things i can't forget
nights burned right into my skin

i would leave, if i had another place to be
like those days we spent at mosquito lake
Track Name: Medicine
i'll throw up my guts, i'd peel off my skin
i'll drink my own blood, i'll sleep in the din
i'd open my stomach, and pull out the bile
i'd unhinge my jaw, to rest for a while

i'll throw up my guts, i'd peel off my skin
i'll drink my own blood, i'll sleep in the din
i've told all the men, i've had to go see
but none of them listen, or make sense of me

i've made so many phone calls
pleaded on my hands and knees
i don't know what else i have to do
to get you to take me seriously

do i have to bleed myself out
at two am in emergency
i've screamed my throat completely raw
i've been as frank as i can be so

i'll throw up my guts
i'd peel off my skin
i'll drink my own blood
i'll sleep in the din