by Two Crosses

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released January 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Two Crosses Kitchener, Ontario

kw anxiety-core

two crosses is justin, peter, mk, and zoq


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Track Name: Unlearnings
i slept late while you left

kept my eyes on the door but never saw you leave
so i sat in the dark, freezing cold and shivering
i never knew i would meet someone so careless
wondering, shaking and unlearning your name

don't come back

drank my coffee alone
kept the dust from the floor
broke my plates in the yard
won't see you anymore
Track Name: False Humor
you don't know that person
you don't know their history
abuse is not a punchline
rape is not a joke

you think you're funny
you think this is wit
you think you're clever
but i think you're a piece of shit
Track Name: Sunshowers
we grew the rhubarb high in spring
the strays would nibble at the leaves
i'd walk home foaming at the mouth
from jumping cliffs and hopping trains

you were drinking blood in the background

it was so hot i could never sleep
the cats would die from poisoning
nathan would lick his bleeding lips
and throw their bodies in the creek

and the devil was beating his wife
and the witches were braiding their hair
and the animals were getting married
and the rain was coming down
Track Name: Chalk River
when we stopped we killed the engine we shook
dust from our hair threw our bones from the car
when we got out we threw stones at the church
checked the windows, knew that we could sleep there

from the pulpit we could see the half-light
that thick glow from the reactor, blooming
yeah we knew that we were dead and gone then
hands together in chalk river, buried

the pressure built towards us as the storm came
you were glowing in the grey
the storm, it made the highway crack and break
you held my hair, i dug our graves

all our lives we both imagined we'd live
by the lakeside with the dark rocks plunging
into dark and undisturbed black water
growing old and picking sage in springtime
Track Name: In The Woods
give my body to the water
scrape my insides clean of hunger

spent the solstice in the woods
stumbling the evening through
touched my lips against the bark
watched the moon tear me apart

heat comes in from the lake
swallowing hunger pain
Track Name: Gaslight
i'm not offended, i'm fucking scared
because behind your slurs is belief truly archaic
it's not as if you were honest

and i know i have to watch my mouth now
but i shouldn't have to live with your guilt
and i know that i called you out but
i was trying to protect myself from you

i will stand tall
i will put out your gaslight
Track Name: 1998
and i thought my shoulders' red-brown burning
was an honest way to mark summer's ending
i waited by the porch of the old spanish church

i picked at scabs on both my kneecaps
tried and failed to make and fold maps
of all the ghost towns that we forgot to visit

i couldn't understand why you'd leave
i wrote you a letter in hopes you'd stay

there are things i watch pile in the gutter
dead rabbits, plates, and dirty windows and
i know that inside of me the same thing is happening

so i wait for her beside the awning factory
though she'll never come back to see me
i bought a popsicle for her but i'll finish it myself

i couldn't understand why you'd leave
i wrote you a letter in hopes you'd stay

my tongue a chlorine blue, the sky gold like something else
Track Name: Blow
please keep telling me about your coffee
fair trade, sustainable, environmentally friendly
then go to some rich kids party
and do coke with your fucking friends

you care more about getting high
than the deaths of over one million latin americans
fuck you
Track Name: Malignancy
i stand up, look behind me
i see red, and i get scared

i know my family has a history
i've heard stories of him living in misery

and i don't want to be him
living out of bags
Track Name: Sell Out
just because i work for a goddamned corporation
does not really mean that i'm pro-exploitation
it's lovely that you have the chance to be selective
but i'm done justifying my methods for survival
i'm fine with 'selling out' to the cycle of consumption
if it's the only way to keep my head above the water

sell out
Track Name: Take My Teeth
take my teeth
then i'll sleep